AI voice filters, advanced settings, and the ability to re-enhance.
Today we're excited to announce 3 important updates to Enhance!
What’s Enhance?
It’s AI mixing and mastering that makes your voice sound clean, crips, full, and the right volume in one click.
We’ve received so much positive feedback since we launched Enhance in September of 2023.
Today, it’s our turn to respond.
What’s new in Enhance? Let’s dive in!
1. Choose from 4 AI Voice Filters
Enhance - AI Voice Filters
You can now choose one of our 4 AI Voice Profiles based on the characteristics of your voice (low or high pitched) and the sound quality you want (crisp or warm). This gives you more flexibility to find a sound that fits your specific voice best! 
2. Adjust advanced settings
Enhance - Advanced Settings
You can also adjust new settings like de-noise, de-click, equalizers, and a de-esser. If you prefer a one-click option, the default settings will work too!
What do these settings mean? Great question!
  • De-Noise:
    Reduces background noise with AI
  • De-Click:
    Reduces clicks and pops in your audio
  • High Pass:
    Cuts low frequencies and lets high ones “pass”
  • Low Pass:
    Cuts high frequencies and lets lows “pass”
  • De-Esser:
    Reduces harsh sibilance like s, t, and z sounds
3. Re-Enhance until it sounds just right
Reenhance projects in Resound
This last feature might be the best of them all... You can adjust your settings and reprocess your audio as many times as you like! No need to re-upload and waste your usage time. Remix until you love the sound.
What Enhance features are in your plan?
Resound Subscription Plans (May 2024) 2
As we roll out these updates to Enhance, we’re also making some changes to what’s included in each subscription plan. Below is a breakdown.
✅ Enhance
✅ 2 AI Voice Filters
✅ Noise Reduction (with intensity slider)
✅ Advanced Settings (EQ, de-esser, and more)
Pro, Studio, and Enterprise:
✅ Enhance
✅ 4 AI Voice Filters
✅ Noise Reduction (with intensity slider)
✅ Advanced Settings (EQ, de-esser, and more)
We removed Enhance from free plans because new users can test it out during the new free trial period.
Want to unlock all 4 AI Voice Profiles? Upgrade now to access all features!
Small Updates and Bug Fixes
We also launched a new free trial and fixed some bugs.
⚒️ New Resound API page
Interested in using Resound in your own product or in a white-labeled capacity? Check out to learn more and read docs.
📁 Resound for Enterprise
Want to access priority customer support, additional AI processing time, API access, and more? Contact us to request an Enterprise plan.
🏷 Free trial for new users
New users can now enjoy a free trial of Resound to kick the tires before upgrading to a paid plan.
🐞 We also fixed some bugs. Thank you to all who reported them!
  • Fixed bug that wrongly downgraded users on lifetime plans down to free (because of a bug in the new free trial).
  • Fixed bug that caused the playhead to randomly jump 1-2 seconds ahead in some edge cases.
  • Fixed bug that prevented some from exporting files from the dashboard.
That's all for today. As always, feel free to share feedback on our public feedback board. Thanks!